Monday, 14 April 2014

Reigning Cats and Dogs exhibition is now launched at Birdcage

My Cat garden painting at the exhibition with a lot of paw stickers on it. You can vote for your favourite picture with little paw stickers that Chrissy Violet Sabberton made.
Artwork will be auctioned off on the 9th of May at St. Margaret's church of art and all proceeds go to Cat and Dog food for animals that live in households that have fallen on hard times.

Vince and Ad folding programmes of the festival which you can now pick up at the Birdcage.

Future Radio Mark Mann and his Mum Bridget

Today Mark Mann and his mother Bridget went on Jasmine Marie show on Future radio to talk about Dandifest with Eloise O'Hare. The Mann family have both been making a quilt together which is a quilt to Mark Mann's hero Mr. Turing who broke the Enigma code during the war. He also lost a child hood friend to TB and Turing wrote letters to the boys mother. The quilt has a hand embroidered letter on the back of it. Pod cast is here, listen in.

You can see the quilt at Dandifest, St. Margarets church of art 28 April to 10 May

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Norfolk Can Inspire volunteers

Today Norwich Dandies signed up a partnership with Norfolk Can Inspire, so we can now have volunteers. The volunteers at Norfolk can inspire are aged from 16 -26 years old. They gain experience and life skills from volunteering. I have put a list of amazing jobs on the Norfolk can inspire website so if your in that age group, sign up to it and check them out. If your over 26 you can volunteer as well to Dandifest. Just contact us direct and leave a comment under this post. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tricia Frances Light painting workshop at Dandifest

We are pleased to announce that Tricia Frances will be running light painting workshops during Dandifest.
Tricia Says;
I will be there leading a Graffito Light painting Photo workshop on Mon 5th and Fri 9th - bring your camera or mobile phone - not to be missed

Ruski time lapse at Dandifest

Ruski who has been successfully running St. Margaret's Church of Art for a long time. He kindly let us have St. Margaret's for Dandifest where most of the festival will be based.
Ruski is a fantastic photographer and will be running a time-lapse film at Dandifest.

Future radio on the Mark and Stephen show

Tonight Chrissy came on the radio for the first time and talked about the Reigning Cats and Dogs show at the Birdcage in Norwich the exhibition will raise money for petfood and flee powder for people who cant afford to look after there pets at the moment. Get your art work into the Birdcage before 4pm on Thursday.
We also talked about the Dandy Disco that is on at the Bird cage on the 3rd of May 8pm till late.
And we also talked about the Yarn bombing exclusive workshops at Dandifest.
We also mentioned that we will be doing dress like a Dandy, pose like a Dandy and paint like a Dandy at Chapelfield gardens for the Mayday celebrations of working peoples Unions.
With Mark Gracey and Stephen and Eloise.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Dandifest Programme cover with Arts council logo

Dandifest Programme cover with Arts council logo. Here is the programme cover with Arts council of England funded logo. There is still some space for sponsors on the back of the programme if anyone would like to put sponsor us. Please get in touch.

Dandifest is funded by Arts council of England

Dandifest is funded by Arts council of England. So you better make your best hat and clean your brushes come along to Dandifest it is approved of by the Arts council of England. Here in the photo the Norwich Dandies are holding up the logo.

International famous Giant still life at Dandifest is now arts council funded

Now putting the arts council grant logo on everything as they are funding Dandifest and the biggest still life in the world.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dandifest Programme cover back and front

New Programme cover back and front. The front cover is a colouring in picture of the 5 Dandies and Pansies and Badger the dog. If you want to exhibit get in touch. Also if you want to donate food for still life or food for opening. Prizes for Pequlia's Bigtopps show or you would like to help back stage on Pequlia's show. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tickets now on sale for Pequlia Bigtopps Epic show

Pequlia's Art with a capital F tickets are now on sale from Epic studios. Just click the link and you go straight there just like Dorothy and her red shinny shoes in Wizard of Oz.
This is going to be the funniest show ever to happen in Norwich. People have started queueing for tickets outside Epic already get there fast to get your ticket. There is also a big list of Prizes she will be giving away on the night and she is raising money for Musical Keys a charity close to her heart.
Norwich Samba band have said they will come and kick off the event and there is talk of an international actor who will be performing along side a few international famous artists.

Reigning Cats and Dogs at the Birdcage for Dandifest

Its Reigning Cats and Dogs at the Birdcage and were inviting you to draw or paint or express yourself to raise money for Pet food bank all the proceeds from a charity art auction at the end of the exhibition will go to the little animals, who by no fault of there own have suffered from the recession and depression in the UK, due to humans making some very bad decisions. All ages can exhibit there work

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sneaky preview of Mark Manns work to be shown at Dandifest

First Mann and Mann collaboration completed and ready for Dandifest. Dear Mrs Morcom: art quilt, Celebrating the life and legacy of Alan Turing. Just a sneaky peek.

Dandifest programme is now out

Hurray!!!!!!!Dandifest programme is now out and ready to read. There is bigger copies in the facebook page
You can download and share from there.