Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dandifest last Hurray

Dandifest last Hurray had some hiccups
Prizes for those who had worked hard, art auction for the Reigning cats and dogs show, comedians, musicians and art auction

Really we could not have done it without Maria

One the of dapper dressed Dandies who enlightened the evening

Labelled everything that is now a hate crime if you called someone these names

Ann Youngs review of the Giant still life

Candy Dandy signing the poster.

Hilary Coe comedy performance

One of Vince Laws inspiring books rewriting history

Cutting up the words and recreating your own

Thinking in Pink

Hilary's hosting the auctions

Everyone having a giggle

Taking the mike

Group hug

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Back in 5 minutes

Karl Somers work back in 5 minutes, exhibited at Nuns Yard Gallery 

Karl Somers makes thousands of funny fake advert cards

People are completely taken by them and not what there expecting at all

As soon as the first few adverts were pinned to the window of the gallery people started to look in.

The gallery owner said over the two weeks of Dandifest, crowds drew in the front window or desperate to get a look at these funny adverts, everyone walking away with a skip in there step

Karl loves convenience stores and at art college specialised in them. Back in 5 minutes was a big success and we hope to see Karl's work next year. Karl Somers is an artist and lives in Ireland. 

A very Dandy Village fete time-lapse film

While the very Dandy village fete was all happening Ruski from the Art of Norwich made a fantastic time-lapse film. Its like a dream looking at the film and we all looking like were buzzing around doing lots of fun things. There is so much in the film Ivanov teaching art by the giant still life, the stalls, Norwich rising Drum for justice drumming, Dress, pose and paint like a dandy in the garden, Poets on the 5th plinth, Dandi the clown and the end is Eloise O'Hare's Lewis soft scultpure chess set being played Link to film is here

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dandifest at St. Margarets on the walls

There was a lot of art at Dandifest. 
Paint like a pansy on the left of the photo which was Debbie Sutton's workshop. going up the pillar in the middle Kally Ann Davidson's woolly workshops. 

The Back of Mark Mann and his mum Bridget Mann's Turing Quilt which a letter that is all embroidered in white cotton and grey fabric.
On the right of the photo is a rail of handmade clothes by various artists at Dandifest

In the middle of the photo is a DJ tent. The artist painted the tent over and over every time he went to a festival to DJ in the tent and here he exhibits it.

The left is Vince Laws Pope is Pants flying high across the church and the pillar which is completely yarn bombed by Kally Ann Davidson who also ran Yarn bomb workshops

Christina Violet Sabberton's I love my .................. giant A-board which was covered in peoples messages of love.

Ann Nicholls photo of an EDL protest in Norwich above Vince Laws windscreen hand painted poem

Chaise long waiting for the first models to dress up and pose for artists

Eloise O'Hare's detailed drawings in pen series with Vince Laws Mental helmet 

This corner is all about health Vince Laws sign Honk if you give ATOS about the Sick. Vince made the sign for the first protests about ATOS in Norwich where they make the disabled climb stairs to get into the building to then put them through tests to see if they deserve sickness benefits.  

More Poems and pictures of Health

Here is the banner in full view. On the floor is peoples paintings that they have added after inspiration and workshops during dandifest. The pictures are on the floor because we ran out of hanging space from the ceilings. 

A piece of art in the form of a flag

Hayley Hare's are up the walls. 

Christina Violet Sabberton's paintings 

More art everywhere

A dark art corner

A series of photographic prints by Sophie Crow

Dugald Ferguson's Russian corner

Eloise O'Hare's Constant crucifixion, which is about women constantly crucified verbally, physically, mentally by people who claim there not perfect or want them to slave away more.  

Sara Lambs swan painting 

Kayleigh O'Keefe's film land of the giant woman and Christina Violet Sabertons flesh film

Guest artists work

The Pride shop 

The 5th plinth with Claire Freer and Alexandra Johannsens work

Eloise O'Hare's feman doll

A wall of freedom by the Dandies and guests

Prints from Christina Violet Sabbertons mono print workshop

Toffee Noses by Nicola Lane 

Entrance with lots going on

Notice board in the whispering gallery with Eloise O'Hares Golden Ears which were places around the festival

Eloise O'Hares giant still life

Close up of the still life


The still life was the stomach of the exhibition. The whole exhibition was divided into body parts

The shop

Poppy Rose wrote a whole book while working at Dandifest

Ai Wei wei chilling out

Ann Nicholls wall of large protest photos 

Turing Quilt by Mark Mann and Mum Bridget

Whispering gallery in the foyer

Kally Ann Davidson's yarn bomb above the entrance to the church

Outside poems were lamanated and hung for two weeks on the railings

Award with Dandifest posters

More poems and comics

The Ian Duncan Smith poetry in the loo exhibition

his exhibition extended for 100's metres out side the loo

Vince Laws Boudicca's found object