Friday, 21 October 2016

Dandifest 2017 We need you!

Were getting ready for Dandifest 2017 and we need all the budding and blooming artists to prepare for a Spring festival of art. This is open to any level of art we are a festival that is inclusive of all people and diversity.

You need to create an artwork that is something to do with Bees. For a Bee show that is collaborating with Australian Bee artists. That will be showing too! So this is a great cross continental show. For this show were looking for sculptures, paintings, performance. This will be held in St. Margaret’s church of art along side Dandy happenings, exhibition and workshops Percentage of sales goes to Bees, Dandies and the rest to the artist.

1ft by 1ft paintings Submit a foot square painting and we will put it in a shop window in Norwich creating an arts trail across the city in accessible places. Open theme of work. But you can also do work with venue in mind. Contact us and the shop in mind for us to ask or if you know the shop and they have accepted a painting then please get in touch. Sales goes to the artists and percentage to dandies. Or name a charity that you would like the sales to go to.

Birds for the Birdcage pub in Pottergate they have a lovely gallery called The Bridge. Every year we have an animal theme and give the money made from paintings and art works to an animal charity the first year it was for Petfood bank, last year the RSPCA and this year Wing and a Prayer bird rescue.  The Bridge gallery is accessible through the side door.

Bicycle paintings, photos 2D work no bigger then A2 framed for the Eaton Park cafe. Where the arts trail will start. The cafe is open daily and is accessible from car parking area or bus stop, the palladium style building, circling the band stand, is in the centre of the park and great for families. Sales to artist and small costs for Dandies.

Postcard paintings send us your postcard paintings from anywhere in the world. Open theme of art. Creating a multicultural universal exhibition. This will be showing at one of the wonderful galleries along St.Augustines in Norwich.  Sales to artist and send us return postage if you want it sent back or we can hold on to for other events and try and sale.

Celebrity Portraits will be held in the library in Great Yarmouth. The style and material is up to you. A local celebrity or your favourite star. Create a picture and exhibit in the library. Norwich Dandies plan to have a Dress, Pose, Paint workshop in the library where you can dress as a celebrity or be a celebrity for the day and let the public paint your portrait . Sales to artist and small costs for Dandies.

Have work finished by March ready to exhibit. Get in touch through

If you would like to help the Dandies create a match fund for arts council funding and would like to sponsor the festival get in touch.